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Bénédict School all over the world since 1928

Since 1928 the Bénédict dynasty leads the group of schools specialized in foreign languages.
From the founder Simon (1873-1933) teacher in California, to the linguist Gaston who studied the "Direct Method", to the current President Jean Jacques, to the General Manager Michel Bénédict, the Bénédict Saga offers the most durable example of an uninterrupted devotion to a pedagogical ideal.

Carlo Simonini

An experienced pedagogue, who speaks many languages, manages an important network of schools.
He is the leader of the Bénédict group in Italy.

Speech was given as a gift to all human beings; languages are the different interpretations that humans give to speech. Let's make 'speeches' out of the languages! Let's communicate! Let's learn one or more language and our world will be at our feet!
The Bénédict Method, highly valued worldwide, is progressive, direct and communicative: The learning of the language is gradual and develops increasing difficulties; it directly introduces the student to the unknown linguistic universe, which is orientated towards the oral and the written communication. The technological innovations enrich and perfect the Bénédict Method, so that both pedagogy and didactics create a superior service to the customer for an effective and interesting learning experience.