Benedict School Genova

A city rich in art and a major seaport, of flourishing trade and commercial exchange, Genoa is one of the most surprising cities in Italy. Long ignored by conventional tourist routes, Genoa offers its visitors incredible attractions and a stunning artistic heritage. Its medieval old town -- the biggest in Europe -- is an intricate labyrinth of alleyways, where among the shops, restaurants, and local stores, visitors can catch sight of the city's noble past in its 16th century palazzos, baroque edifices, and Romanesque churches, looming over the little piazzas; the area containing the Porto Antico (Old Port), the Acquario, and the museum-rich Strada Nuova stand as a testimony to Genoa's lively renewal.

In pieno centro storico, nel salotto di Genova, la scuola si affaccia su Via XX Settembre direttamente sul passeggio, di fronte all'Hotel Bristol. Tutti gli autobus per Principe, Brignole, Piazza De Ferrari.


Via XX Settembre, 40
16121 Genova (GE) - Italy


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