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Benedict, about us.

Mention the name Benedict and it is automatically associated with languages


Whether you want to brush up on your French, master Italian, or tackle Japanese, at Benedict we can help you reach your language learning goals.
Forget about school lessons full of rote learning of irregular French verbs. Our aim is to help you to achieve spoken communication in your chosen language as soon as possible. We incorporate grammar only to the extent that it supports your verbal communication.
Studying languages with Benedict will be a truly enjoyable experience. For more information please visit our new modern school, that is equipped with a multimedia centre, high speed internet connection, a "self study area", and up to date materials.


Centro di glottodidattica:

Il Centro di Glottodidattica è formato da un gruppo di esperti in ambito linguistico, didattico e universitario (docenti universitari, ispettori scolastici, docenti della scuola dell'infanzia e della scuola primaria, docenti di madrelingua)...

Group or individual full immersion

The fastest individual English learning program yet devised for Benedict students of any level. It requires total commitment. This includes lunch with your teacher, fast paced speech drills with two teachers, and a study period each day. All study materials, lunch and refreshments are included. 40 hours/week.


Individual tuition scheduled to fit in with your own commitments. Compose your own schedule of 20, 50 or more units which can be taken during the day, in the evening or on Saturday.

Semi individual

Ideal for a small group of two or three colleagues or friends. A high degree of individual attention will deliver each student with a level of proficiency at a lower price.

Group course

An economic and entertaining way to learn English in a group.
An ideal solution for students to attend 90 minute lessons once a fortnight.


The best of both worlds, combining small Group lessons in the morning and private tuition in the afternoon.

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